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Founded on October 14, 1936, the Sisterhood of the Altar began when Father Matthew Stepahin approached Mary Fecich requesting that she organize a women's group whose main function would be to provide and care for articles that would beautify the church. As the years went by, the Sisterhood became involved in a broad range of projects to serve the parish including dinners, bread sales, candy sales, nut roll sales, cookie sales, and most recently, peroghi sales which have enabled the Sisterhood to make substantial contributions to the parish.

The Sisterhood of the Altar celebrated their 70th year anniversary in 2006, which coincided with the 100th year anniversary of St. Andrew Orthodox Church. The Sisterhood continues to serve the parish in many ways and is the oldest active organization in Lyndora.

The original item purchased by the Sisterhood for the parish was a gold-gilded Gospel book, purchased in 1940 for $145.40. Over the years, the Sisterhood has provided items such as carpeting, altar and liturgical covers, sanctuary candle globe sleeves and has donated money toward projects such as outside stair railings and the St. Andrew Orthodox Church sign that stands outside the main entrance of the church. Each year, the Sisterhood contributes toward Easter and Christmas flowers and on Mother's Day and Father's Day, they provide gifts for the parishioners. A portion of the funds raised by the Sisterhood are designated for the parish Sunday School program as well as for contributions to the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood City. In addition, the Sisterhood is also active outside the parish with the "Presents for Patients" program.

Sisterhood of the Altar

In 1936, dues for the Sisterhood were 10 cents a month. Nowadays dues are 10 dollars per year. The first president of the Sisterhood was Mary Fecich, with Agnes Salivonchik serving as vice-president, Eva Lenyck as treasurer, Mary Kuzelin as assistant treasurer, and Stephanie Pesocky as secretary.

The eldest member of the Sisterhood is Annabelle Blisak Urban, but the member with the most years of service is Helen Jankovich, who this year celebrates her 62nd year as a Sister of the Altar.

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